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Doctor Dechairo, Pottawatomie County.jpg
This study focuses on the impact that Dr. Dechairo’s Hospital had on the town of Westmoreland Kansas. The hospital was very advanced for its time and the doctor who ran it was entirely focused on his community. Research was performed at Rock Creek…

Zuk-Fact vs Speculation.jpg
With Germanic and possibly surviving medieval European culture ways implanted in Pottawatomie County, a shared rural slaughterhouse in early Westmoreland provides clues. From oral accounts only, the author locates the site of the original…

McCoy-Technology, Mechanization and the Life and Death of a Kansas Common Pasture.jpg
Many small towns in Kansas had a shared dairy commons. The author of this study connects the commons in Westmoreland, Rock Creek Valley, with the strong German and Sudetenland settler culture; he also traces the life of the commons and its eventual…
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