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Seymour Rogers, Seward County.jpg
A study connecting the story of where the name of Liberal, Kansas came from to the factors that impacted town survival in Seward County during the late 1880’s and early 1890’s. Seymour Rogers, the figure who is credited with inspiring the name of…

Clay County-portermorganhospital.jpg
This study analyzes the cases of smallpox in Clay County, Kansas, between the years of 1900-1925. Evidence suggests proactive prevention methods were used to limit and eventually eradicate Smallpox. Data and information is drawn from county disease…

Alta Vista Pearl Opera House-Wabaunsee County Museum.jpg
This study traces the introduction of an opera house to the small town of Alta Vista, Kansas and follows it until its closing. This highlights the role of the theater and its importance to the town. The author used collections at the Wabaunsee County…
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