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Kansas State University: From Black Athlete to Black Student Union

KSU From Black Athlete to BSU.PDF

This paper explores the history of Kansas State University's Black Student Union, which was founded in 1968 by black K-State athletes as a site of…

Morgan Snyder (1909-1990): Clay Center's Contribution to Professional Baseball

Clay Center Pro Ball Lost Comm.PDF

This paper details the life of Morgan Snyder, from Clay Center, Kansas, with a focus on his baseball career. Most of the sources and material are…

The Process of Integrating Public Schools in Wichita, Kansas 1890-1971

Schiff_Wichita, Sedwick County.pdf

This document includes the following: a brief history of the Wichita Kansas segregated school system, including avoiding integration in the 1950’s.…

African-American Life in Clay County

Lienberger_Clay County.jpg

1) This paper explores the agricultural history of Clay County Kansas and the African American workers who persevered during the time.
2) Sources…