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Publicity Stunt: The Importance of Seymour Rogers and Free Water in the Creation and Survival of Liberal, Kansas, 1885-1888

Seymour Rogers, Seward County.jpg

A study connecting the story of where the name of Liberal, Kansas came from to the factors that impacted town survival in Seward County during the…

Small Town, Big-Time Doctor: Dr. Thomas Dechairo, Westmoreland, Kansas, 1936-1986

Doctor Dechairo, Pottawatomie County.jpg

This study focuses on the impact that Dr. Dechairo’s Hospital had on the town of Westmoreland Kansas. The hospital was very advanced for its time…

Anna Austin Ingleman, A Convergence of Passion and Career: Dramatics in Independence, Kansas (1900s-1930s)

Ingleman, Montgomery County.jpg

This study involves the impact by teacher Anna Ingleman in Independence, Kansas during the early 20th century on the dramatics and theatre of the…