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"The Development of the 'Farmer's Mansion' in Kansas: A Regional Case Study of Vernacular Architecture, 1850 - 1900."

This study includes maps of the country, information from books and online articles as well as photographs and diagrams of homes. The I-House was an…see more

“Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” (“Land of My Fathers”): A Comparative Study of Welsh Language and Culture in Settlements of Riley, Lyon, and Geary Counties, Kansas, 1850-Present

The author compares three types of Welsh communities found in Kansas to determine when the Welsh language ceased common usage. A variety of historic…see more

The Chinese Laundries of Wichita, Kansas: A Portrait of an Immigrant Community on the Western Frontier, 1880-1905

The author uses historic newspaper reports, census records, city directories, and historic advertising to recreate the Chinese community found in…see more

Lasting Relationships Out of Unwarranted Fear: The POW Camp at Lake Wabaunsee, Kansas 1944-1945

The fear held between German POWs at Lake Wabaunsee Kansas and the local population was quickly eroded through professional and casual interactions.…see more