brdge_zpsf28c14a3.jpgThe research collections featured here are part of a research initiative of the Chapman Center for Rural Studies. It is a digital archive of rural studies conducted by undergraduate researchers at Kansas State University since 2010. Students working in selected research based classes may submit their study for inclusion in the archive. Submissions are edited for accuracy and original content before being published to this site. All contributions are subject to editing and verification by Center Staff.  Planning for this project was supported by a grant from Mark Chapman and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Recently Added Items

Tracking Success of African American Landowners in Wabaunsee County, Kansas, Circa 1900: A Case Study of African American Farmers at the Turn of the Century

Michael Spachek Tracking Success.jpg

This paper explores the history of the Kansas Fever Exodus of 1879 and profiles four African American farmers in Wabaunsee County: Franklin Glass,…

Perpetual Persistence: The African American Community of Manhattan Bottoms, 1880-1920

Blake HALL LATCHMAN Perpetual Persistence.jpg

Using the case study of Jeremiah "Jerry" Mitchell, this study documents the early history of Manhattan Bottoms and the African American community…

Memorializing Martin: The Living Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. in Junction City, Kansas

2Haley CLAXTON MLK.jpg

The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. is immortalized in Junction City, Kansas, by the grassroots efforts of both individuals and the community, in an…