Kansas Agriculture in Unexpected Places


A collection of work that looks at the history of Kansas agriculture from a rather interesting perspective.

Early Historical Atlas Depictions <br /><br />
of Agriculture in Kansas: <br /><br />
1880s-Early 1900s<br /><br />
My research project is over early historical depictions of agriculture in Kansas 1887. I am trying to figure out if farms in the historical atlas of Kansas truly represented agriculture; did the farmsteads, livestock, and crops really look like the…

A Rural Resort:<br /><br />
	Farming and Recreation in 	<br /><br />
 Scott County, Kansas<br /><br />
Beaver Beach, 1886-1933<br /><br />
The author uses historic accounts to recreate the details of Beaver Beach Amusement Park, which was a source of recreation for rural Scott County residents.

It’s A Cow. It’s A Buffalo. No, it’s A Beefalo!<br /><br />
Kansas 1886<br /><br />
This paper covers the history of the Beefalo in Kansas, a cross of between the Bison bison and domestic cattle. It explains the reasoning for breeding the two animals to make genetic progress. Extensive scientific and popular literature sources were…