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Kansas History and Life


Kansas History and Life


A collection of student work that highlights overlooked aspects of the daily life for the people of Kansas.

Items in the Kansas History and Life Collection

During the 1860s, Indian tribes raided frontier settlements across the plains, most notably the Cheyenne in North Central Kansas. Numerous counties in Kansas felt the scarring effect of the raids; however, the counties of Jewell, Mitchell,…

Among the 713 newspapers in print in Kansas in the 1880s, a single short-lived newspaper provides insight into political shifts and battles in small towns. The Firebrand newspaper in Clay Center provided inflammatory rhetoric for a single year, also…

This paper explores the history of Kansas State University's Black Student Union, which was founded in 1968 by black K-State athletes as a site of solidarity in a time of social upheaval and racial progress. The author analyzes the founding of the…

This paper details the life of Morgan Snyder, from Clay Center, Kansas, with a focus on his baseball career. Most of the sources and material are courtesy of his nephew, Mr. Roger Mall, whose assistance made this project possible.

This document includes the following: a brief history of the Wichita Kansas segregated school system, including avoiding integration in the 1950’s. The study also addresses the legal process of integrating the Wichita schools in the late 1960’s.…